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Anderson, John B. - Bandwidth Efficient Coding, ebook

Bandwidth Efficient Coding

Anderson, John B.


This book addresses coding, a new solution to the major challenge of communicating more bits of information in the same radio spectrum. Explores concepts and new transmission methods that have arisen in the last 15 years Discusses the method of faster than Nyquist signaling Provides self-education

Gabius, Hans-Joachim - The Sugar Code, ebook

The Sugar Code

Gabius, Hans-Joachim


"The view that glycans are more complex and difficult to study than proteins and nucleic acids is no longer true. 'The Sugar Code' teaches us they are sweet and easy."
—Rocco Ungaro, University of Parma, Italy
"... a must-have for every library

Madsen, Diane Gilbert - Cracking The Code of The Canon, ebook

Cracking The Code of The Canon

Madsen, Diane Gilbert


Diane Gilbert Madsen's new book from MX Publishing, Cracking the Code of the Canon, breaks the Canon wide open to offer a totally unique and different way of looking at Holmes and Watson and all the stories in the Canon you know and enjoy. It was written by lifelong Sherlockian and award

Mishra, Abhishek - iOS Code Testing, ebook

iOS Code Testing

Mishra, Abhishek


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Test-Driven Development
Abhishek Mishra
2. Writing Your First Set of Unit Tests with Xcode
Abhishek Mishra
3. The MVVM Architectural Pattern
Abhishek Mishra
4. Applying TDD to the Model
Abhishek Mishra
5. Applying TDD to View Controllers
Abhishek Mishra

Kondoz, Ahmet - Visual Media Coding and Transmission, ebook

Visual Media Coding and Transmission

Kondoz, Ahmet


This book presents the state-of-the-art in visual media coding and transmission

Visual Media Coding and Transmission is an output of VISNET II NoE, which is an EC IST-FP6 collaborative research project by twelve esteemed institutions from

 - Gröbner Bases, Coding, and Cryptography, ebook

Gröbner Bases, Coding, and Cryptography


Gröbner Bases, Coding, and Cryptography: a Guide to the State-of-Art
Massimiliano Sala
2. Gröbner Technology
Teo Mora
3. The FGLM Problem and Möller’s Algorithm on Zero-dimensional Ideals
Teo Mora
4. An Introduction to Linear and Cyclic

Myer, Thomas - Professional CodeIgniter, ebook

Professional CodeIgniter

Myer, Thomas


If you’re a PHP developer, you can build Rails-like applications without learning a new language by following the hands-on tutorials in Professional CodeIgniter. In this book, find an overview of MVC and agile technologies, model and schema for…