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Ross, Robert - Clothing: A Global History, ebook

Clothing: A Global History

Ross, Robert


In virtually all the countries of the world, men, and to a lesser extent women, are today dressed in very similar clothing. This book gives a compelling account and analysis of the process by which this has come about. At the same time it takes seriously those places where, for whatever

Aldrich, Winifred - Fabrics and Pattern Cutting, ebook

Fabrics and Pattern Cutting

Aldrich, Winifred


One of the most challenging aspects of a designer's training is learning how to create patterns that utilise the characteristics of fabrics. With an ever expanding range available, an understanding of the relationship between fabric, form and pattern…

Centner, Marianne - Fashion Designer's Handbook for Adobe Illustrator, ebook

Fashion Designer's Handbook for Adobe Illustrator

Centner, Marianne


Fashion Designer's Handbook for Adobe Illustrator 2nd Edition is a teach-yourself guide that provides step-by-step instructions and diagrams on how to use Adobe Illustrator CS5. 
Bursting with detailed technical information and full colour illustrations,…