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Hopkins, Tom - Closing a Sale In a Day For Dummies, ebook

Closing a Sale In a Day For Dummies

Hopkins, Tom

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Get the know-how to close a deal and make your quota—in a day!
Closing a Sale In A Day For Dummies outlines the anatomy of a sales closing, offers strategies for asking the right questions, and gives you invaluable tips for overcoming tough customers.

Meier, Thomas - Closing beim Erstbesuch, ebook

Closing beim Erstbesuch

Meier, Thomas


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Thomas Meier
2. Hardselling samtweich
Thomas Meier
3. Das erste Element „Grundlagen“
Thomas Meier
4. Das zweite Element „Persönlichkeit“
Thomas Meier
5. Das dritte Element „Arbeitsweise“

Bellah, Butch - Sales Management For Dummies, ebook

Sales Management For Dummies

Bellah, Butch


Guide your sales force to its fullest potential
With a proven sales management and execution process, Sales Management For Dummies aids organizations and individuals in reaching the highest levels of success.

Gough, Leo - Sales Express: Sales 12.1, ebook

Sales Express: Sales 12.1

Gough, Leo


The sales function is the front-line of any business. Keeping up with the latest sales techniques is essential, as well as ensuring you have a motivated, incentivised and focused sales team well-versed in the basics