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Bons, Ulrich - GC/MS in Clinical Chemistry, ebook

GC/MS in Clinical Chemistry

Bons, Ulrich


This comprehensive overview is mainly written for the practical analyst in the clinical laboratory but it is equally suited for teaching purposes.

Walton, Raquel M. - Equine Clinical Pathology, ebook

Equine Clinical Pathology

Walton, Raquel M.

From 110,20€

Equine Clinical Pathology is the first complete resource for hematology and clinical chemistry in horses. Encompassing the basic principles and advanced interpretation, the book’s single-species approach to pathology

Bonhomme, Marjorie - Clinical Core Laboratory Testing, ebook

Clinical Core Laboratory Testing

Bonhomme, Marjorie


Table of contents
1. Laboratory Structure and Function
Roger L. Bertholf
2. Laboratory Test Utilization
Christopher McCudden
3. Before the Lab Tests Run: Preanalytical Issues in the Clinical Laboratory
Deanna Franke, Marjorie BonHomme
4. Where the Lab Tests Are Performed: Analytical Issues in the Clinical

Dial, Sharon M. - Clinical Pathology for the Veterinary Team, ebook

Clinical Pathology for the Veterinary Team

Dial, Sharon M.

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Clinical Pathology for the Veterinary Team is a concise, reliable resource for technical team members performing clinical diagnostic evaluation. Focusing on sample handling, machinery calibration, normal physiology and anatomy, clinical

Becker, Karen M. - Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices, ebook

Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices

Becker, Karen M.


Fundamentals of Clinical Study Design and Evaluation
1. Clinical Trials in Development and Marketing of Medical Devices
Karen M. Becker
2. Regulatory Requirements for Clinical Studies of Medical Devices and Diagnostics

 - Chemistry II For Dummies, ebook

Chemistry II For Dummies


The tools you need to ace your Chemisty II course
College success for virtually all science, computing, engineering, and premedical majors depends in part on passing chemistry. The skills learned in chemistry courses are applicable to a number of

Meier, Peter C. - Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, ebook

Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry

Meier, Peter C.


Unlike other books on the subject, Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, Second Edition presents and solves problems in the context of a comprehensive decision-making process under GMP rules: Would you recommend the destruction of a $100,000 batch of product