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Arnold, Annika - Climate Change and Storytelling, ebook

Climate Change and Storytelling

Arnold, Annika


Introduction: Why Narratives Matter in Climate Change Communication
Annika Arnold
2. Climate Change Communication Studies: Inquiries into Beliefs, Information and Stories
Annika Arnold
3. How to Understand the Role

Lewis, Sophie C. - A Changing Climate for Science, ebook

A Changing Climate for Science

Lewis, Sophie C.


Table of contents
1. The Want of Any Name
Sophie C. Lewis
2. Neither Necessary Nor Sufficient
Sophie C. Lewis
3. The Pseudo in Our Science
Sophie C. Lewis
4. A Tribe of Scientists
Sophie C. Lewis
5. The Nature Peepers

Lichtfouse, Eric - Sociology, Organic Farming, Climate Change and Soil Science, ebook

Sociology, Organic Farming, Climate Change and Soil Science

Lichtfouse, Eric


Table of contents
1. Society Issues, Painkiller Solutions, Dependence and Sustainable Agriculture
Eric Lichtfouse
2. Sociology of Sustainable Agriculture
Ezatollah Karami, Marzieh Keshavarz
3. Sustainable Versus Organic Agriculture
Juying Wu, Vito Sardo
4. Organic Agriculture and Food Production: Ecological,

Dove, Michael R. - The Anthropology of Climate Change: An Historical Reader, ebook

The Anthropology of Climate Change: An Historical Reader

Dove, Michael R.


This timely anthology brings together for the first time the most important ancient, medieval, Enlightenment, and modern scholarship for a complete anthropological evaluation of the relationship between culture and climate change.Brings together for the first time the most important classical

Jones, Stephen - Cities Responding to Climate Change, ebook

Cities Responding to Climate Change

Jones, Stephen


City Governments, Climate Change, and the Performance Agenda
Stephen Jones
4. Performance Management: An Analytical Framework
Stephen Jones
5. City of Stockholm
Stephen Jones
6. Copenhagen City Government

Koch, Max - Capitalism and Climate Change, ebook

Capitalism and Climate Change

Koch, Max


Capitalism, Nature and Climate Change: A Structural Analysis
Max Koch
4. The Regulation of Nature and Society in Different Capitalist Growth Strategies
Max Koch
Part II. Fordism
5. The Origins of a New Accumulation

Edmondson, Beth - Climate Change and Order, ebook

Climate Change and Order

Edmondson, Beth


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Why We Wrote This Book
Beth Edmondson, Stuart Levy
2. Waiting for What?
Beth Edmondson, Stuart Levy
3. Limits to Global Consensus
Beth Edmondson, Stuart Levy
4. Governing Nature and Global…