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Berger, André - Climate Change, ebook

Climate Change

Berger, André


A Spatial View on Temperature Change and Variability During the Last Deglaciation: A Model Analysis
Didier M. Roche, Hans Renssen, Didier Paillard
7. Perspectives of Parameter and State Estimation in Paleoclimatology
André Paul, Martin Losch
8. A Brief

 - Climate Change and Crops, ebook

Climate Change and Crops


Simulation Studies to Characterize the Impact of Climate Change on Crop Production and to Identify Strategies for Adaptation and Mitigation
P. Krishnan, B. Ramakrishnan, K.S. Rao, R.N. Dash
5. Response of Rice (Oryza sativa

Zachariadis, Theodoros - Climate Change in Cyprus, ebook

Climate Change in Cyprus

Zachariadis, Theodoros


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Theodoros Zachariadis
2. Facts and Projections on Climate Change
Theodoros Zachariadis
3. Climate Change Impacts
Theodoros Zachariadis
4. Adapting to Climate Change
Theodoros Zachariadis
5. Concluding Remarks
Theodoros Zachariadis

Giddens, Anthony - The Politics of Climate Change, ebook

The Politics of Climate Change

Giddens, Anthony


"A landmark study in the struggle to contain climate change, the greatest challenge of our era. I urge everyone to read it."
Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States of America

Since it first appeared, this book has achieved

Singh, Vijay P - Climate Change Impacts, ebook

Climate Change Impacts

Singh, Vijay P


Global Climate Pattern Behind Hydrological Extremes in Central India
Kironmala Chanda, Rajib Maity
7. Changes in ENSO and IOD Effects on the Extreme Rainfall of Hyderabad City, India
V. Agilan, N. V. Umamahesh
Part II. Rainfall Analysis
8. Detecting

Malak, Dania Abdul - Adapting to Climate Change, ebook

Adapting to Climate Change

Malak, Dania Abdul


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Dania Abdul Malak, Katriona McGlade, Diana Pascual, Eduard Pla
2. The Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean
Dania Abdul Malak, Katriona McGlade, Diana Pascual, Eduard Pla
3. Impact…

Filho, Walter Leal - Limits to Climate Change Adaptation, ebook

Limits to Climate Change Adaptation

Filho, Walter Leal


Limits to Climate Change Adaptation in Asia
2. Strategies and Barriers to Adaptation of Hazard-Prone Rural Households in Bangladesh
G. M. Monirul Alam, Khorshed Alam, Shahbaz Mushtaq, Most Nilufa Khatun, Walter Leal Filho

Williams, Charles J. R. - African Climate and Climate Change, ebook

African Climate and Climate Change

Williams, Charles J. R.


Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability: Farmer Responses to Intra-seasonal Precipitation Trends in South Africa
David S.G. Thomas, Chasca Twyman, Henny Osbahr, Bruce Hewitson
8. Climate Change and Migration: A Modelling

Belay, Simane - Climate Change Adaptation in Africa, ebook

Climate Change Adaptation in Africa

Belay, Simane


Convenient Solution for Convenient Truth: Adoption of Soil and Water Conservation Measures for Climate Change and Variability in Kuyu District, Ethiopia
Abayineh Amare, Belay Simane
2. Between Climate