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Newton, Grant W. - Bankruptcy and Insolvency Accounting, Practice and Procedure, ebook

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Accounting, Practice and Procedure

Newton, Grant W.


Accountants and financial managers are often the first professionals to realize that a financial problem exists within a corporation but must be familiar with the various alternatives available to clients before they can offer solutions. Completely updated, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Accounting,

Jones, Neil F. - The JCT Major Project Form, ebook

The JCT Major Project Form

Jones, Neil F.


The Joint Contracts Tribunal are publishing a completely new standard form of contract for large clients on major construction projects. The main purpose of the form is to meet the particular needs of large commercial clients who do not themselves intend

Coetzee, Melinde - Psycho-social Career Meta-capacities, ebook

Psycho-social Career Meta-capacities

Coetzee, Melinde


Adaptability in Action: Using Personality, Interest, and Values Data to Help Clients Increase Their Emotional, Social, and Cognitive Career Meta-capacities
Sarah D. Stauffer, Christian Maggiori, Ariane Froidevaux, Jérôme Rossier
5. Constructing Career Identity