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Early, William F. - Contractor and Client Relations to Assure Process Safety, ebook

Contractor and Client Relations to Assure Process Safety

Early, William F.


Written and edited by engineering contractors and industry project/maintenance managers as an easy-to-use guide for other industry professionals, this book identifies important process safety issues in the contractor-client relationship,which are not addressed by other groups and publications.

Alford, John - Engaging Public Sector Clients, ebook

Engaging Public Sector Clients

Alford, John


Introduction: Client Co-production of Public Services
John Alford
2. The Co-production Concept
John Alford
3. Clients in the Public Sector
John Alford
4. Legal Compliance, Regulation, and Co-production
John Alford
5. Theoretical Constructs

Oade, Aryanne - Managing Challenging Clients, ebook

Managing Challenging Clients

Oade, Aryanne


Table of contents
1. Handling Challenging Client Behavior
Aryanne Oade
2. Reputational Risk
Aryanne Oade
3. Controlling Clients
Aryanne Oade
4. Maintaining the Balance
Aryanne Oade
5. Trouble with Responsibility and Commitment
Aryanne Oade
6. When Enough is Enough
Aryanne Oade

Bromell, David - The Art and Craft of Policy Advising, ebook

The Art and Craft of Policy Advising

Bromell, David


Who Are My Clients and What Do They Need from Me?
David Bromell
3. Creating Public Value
David Bromell
4. Doing Policy Analysis
David Bromell
5. Effective Communication
David Bromell
6. Working Together … in the Public Interest

Hilgers, Tina - Clientelism in Everyday Latin American Politics, ebook

Clientelism in Everyday Latin American Politics

Hilgers, Tina


When Clients Become Collective Actors
Françoise Montambeault
7. Clientelism and Subnational Politics in Latin America
Julián Durazo Herrmann
8. “Fragmented Clientelism” in Montevideo
Eduardo Canel
Part 4. Proposals for Future Directions