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Kühn, Michael - CLEAN, ebook


Kühn, Michael


Introduction to the Joint Research Project CLEAN: CO2 Large-Scale Enhanced Gas Recovery in the Altmark Natural Gas Field
Michael Kühn, Frank R. Schilling, Heinz Wendel
2. Technical Aspects of CO2 Injection
Robert Meyer, Gernot Voigtländer,

Momber, Andreas - Blast Cleaning Technology, ebook

Blast Cleaning Technology

Momber, Andreas


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Abrasive Materials
3. Air and Abrasive Acceleration
4. Blast Cleaning Equipment
5. Substrate and Coating Erosion
6. Surface Preparation Process
7. Health, Safety and Environment
8. Surface Quality Aspects
9. Coating Performance
10. Publisher’s

Li, Shuiqing - Clean Coal Technology and Sustainable Development, ebook

Clean Coal Technology and Sustainable Development

Li, Shuiqing


Co-combustion Technology of Coal and Wood Waste
E. B. Zhukov, E. M. Puzirev, K. V. Menyaev
23. Experimental Study of Coal MILD Combustion at a Pilot-Scale Furnace
Zhihui Mao, Liqi Zhang, Xinyang Zhu, Chuguang Zheng
24. Improving the Efficiency of Fuel

Alcalá, José Federico Chávez - Towards a Cleaner Planet, ebook

Towards a Cleaner Planet

Alcalá, José Federico Chávez


The Clean and Safe Nuclear Reactors of the Future
Karl Verfondern
13. Transition Strategies for a Hydrogen Economy in Mexico
Sergio Dale Bazán-Perkins
14. Nuclear Energy Economical Viability
Gustavo Alonso, Jose R. Ramirez, Javier C. Palacios