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Goodman, David S. G. - Class in Contemporary China, ebook

Class in Contemporary China

Goodman, David S. G.


This timely book examines the emerging structures of class and social stratification: how they are interpreted and managed by the Chinese Communist Party, and how they are understood and lived by people themselves.

David Goodman details the emergence

Losurdo, Domenico - Class Struggle, ebook

Class Struggle

Losurdo, Domenico


Lenin in 1919: ‘The Class Struggle is Continuing—It has Merely Changed its Forms’
Domenico Losurdo
9. After the Revolution: The Ambiguities of Class Struggle
Domenico Losurdo
10. After the Revolution: Discovering the Limits of Class Struggle

Blair, Kirstie - Class and the Canon, ebook

Class and the Canon

Blair, Kirstie


Constructing the Ulster Labouring-Class Poet: The Case of Samuel Thomson
Jennifer Orr
4. Sociable or Solitary? John Clare, Robert Bloomfield, Community and Isolation
John Goodridge
5. John Clare and the Triumph of Little Things
Mina Gorji