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Mennell, Stephen - The American Civilizing Process, ebook

The American Civilizing Process

Mennell, Stephen

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He takes a novel approach, analysing the USA’s experience in the light of Norbert Elias’s theory of civilizing (and decivilizing) processes.

Drawing comparisons between the USA and other countries of the world, the topics discussed include:

Dépelteau, François - Norbert Elias and Empirical Research, ebook

Norbert Elias and Empirical Research

Dépelteau, François


Principal Elements of the Ottoman State-Formation Process through an Eliasian Perspective
İrem Özgören Kιnlι
10. The Metamorphoses of the Dacha: Some Processual Thinking
François Dépelteau, Ronan Hervouet
11. Revisiting Relations between the

Dépelteau, François - Norbert Elias and Violence, ebook

Norbert Elias and Violence

Dépelteau, François


Elias’s Civilizing Process and Janus-Faced Modernity
François Dépelteau
6. Civilisation and Violence at the Periphery of Capitalism: Notes for Rethinking the Brazilian Civilizing Process
Juliano Souza, Wanderley

Löhr, Isabella - The Nation State and Beyond, ebook

The Nation State and Beyond

Löhr, Isabella


Governing Globalization Processes in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Isabella Löhr, Roland Wenzlhuemer
2. The “Forces Profondes” of Internationalism in the Late Nineteenth Century: Politics, Economy and Culture
Guido Thiemeyer
3. “They

Dépelteau, François - Norbert Elias and Social Theory, ebook

Norbert Elias and Social Theory

Dépelteau, François


Ariel or Caliban? The Civilizing Process and Its Critiques
François Dépelteau, Enio Passiani, Ricardo Mariano
Part II. Elias and Classical Social Theory
5. The Epicurean in Elias
Barbara Evers
6. Elias, Freud,

Hayes, Graeme - Olympic Games, Mega-Events and Civil Societies, ebook

Olympic Games, Mega-Events and Civil Societies

Hayes, Graeme


The Role of Environmental Issues in Mega-Events Planning and Management Processes: Which Factors Count?
Pietro Caratti, Ludovico Ferraguto
7. Sustainability as Global Norm: The Greening of Mega-Events in China
Arthur P. J. Mol, Lei Zhang
8. Olympic

Hartley, Janet M. - Russia and the Napoleonic Wars, ebook

Russia and the Napoleonic Wars

Hartley, Janet M.


The 1812 War and the Civilizing Process in Russia
Alexander M. Martin
18. The Patriotic War of 1812 in the Commemorative Practices and Historical Memory of Russian Society from the Nineteenth to the Early Twenty-First Centuries