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Sansone, David - Ancient Greek Civilization, ebook

Ancient Greek Civilization

Sansone, David


Tells the story of Greek civilization from the from the Minoan Period to the time of the Byzantine EmpireSurveys the remarkable culture and history the ancient GreeksExplores the ways in which Greek civilization has been continually

Chamoux, Francois - Hellenistic Civilization, ebook

Hellenistic Civilization

Chamoux, Francois


Spanning the period from Alexander the Great's accession to the throne in 336 BC to the defeat by Octavian of Antony and Cleopatra in 31 BC, this volume provides a vivid account of the innovative civilization of the Hellenistic world.

Egmond, Klaas - Sustainable Civilization, ebook

Sustainable Civilization

Egmond, Klaas


Table of contents
1. Western Civilization in Crisis
Klaas Egmond
2. Human Value Orientations: Worldviews
Klaas Egmond
3. The Laboratory of History
Klaas Egmond
4. The West and the East
Klaas Egmond
5. The Message of Culture and Religion
Klaas Egmond
6. Sustainable Civilization

Yasuda, Yoshinori - Water Civilization, ebook

Water Civilization

Yasuda, Yoshinori


Table of contents
1. Discovery of the Yangtze River Civilization in China
Yoshinori Yasuda
2. Decline of the Yangtze River Civilization
Yoshinori Yasuda
3. Comparative Study of the Artifacts of Phum Snay Site and the Wat Bo Temple’s Pottery Collection Database
Yozo Akayama
4. Survey and Excavation

Maleuvre, Didier - The Art of Civilization, ebook

The Art of Civilization

Maleuvre, Didier


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Didier Maleuvre
2. Birth of the Aesthetic
Didier Maleuvre
3. The Time of Images
Didier Maleuvre
4. Into the Time of Art
Didier Maleuvre
5. The Time of Makers
Didier Maleuvre

Cooper, David E. - A Philosophy of Gardens, ebook

A Philosophy of Gardens

Cooper, David E.


Given the enthusiasm for gardens in human civilization ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, it is surprising... Copying to clipboard limited to 5 samples

Michaud, Michael A. G. - Contact with Alien Civilizations, ebook

Contact with Alien Civilizations

Michaud, Michael A. G.


Probabilities: Civilization, Technology, and Science
Michael A. G. Michaud
11. Probabilities: Longevity
Michael A. G. Michaud
12. The Drake Equation, Take Two
Michael A. G. Michaud
13. Should We Continue the Search?
Michael A. G. Michaud

Hisada, Ken-ichiro - Ancient West Asian Civilization, ebook

Ancient West Asian Civilization

Hisada, Ken-ichiro


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Aim of Study of Ancient West Asian Civilization
Akira Tsuneki
Part I. Environment and People of Ancient West Asia
2. Geology Based Culture?
Ken-ichiro Hisada
3. A Brief Review of the Geology of West Asia
Seyed A. Aghanabati
4. Paleoclimatic Changes and