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Chirol, Ignatius - Indian Unrest, ebook

Indian Unrest

Chirol, Ignatius


A fascinating book by early 20th Century British journalist and imperialist Sir Ignatius Valentine Chirol. Chirol had a civil suit brought against him by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, an Indian independence advocate, for some of the derogatory comments in the book.

Guelke, Adrian - Politics in Deeply Divided Societies, ebook

Politics in Deeply Divided Societies

Guelke, Adrian


The establishment of durable, democratic institutions constitutes one of the major challenges of our age. As countless contemporary examples have shown, it requires far more than simply the holding of free elections. The consolidation of a legitimate…

Edwards, Michael - Civil Society, ebook

Civil Society

Edwards, Michael


Civil Society has become a standard work of reference for those who seek to understand the role of voluntary citizen action. Recent global unrest has shown the importance of social movements and street protests in world politics. However, as this lucid

Dandelion, Pink - The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction, ebook

The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction

Dandelion, Pink


Emerging from the social unrest of the English civil war, the Quakers have gone on to have an influence way beyond their numbers: be it their continued stance against war or their pioneering work against slavery. At the same time, Quakers maintain a distinctive worship

Sigona, Nando - Romani Politics in Contemporary Europe, ebook

Romani Politics in Contemporary Europe

Sigona, Nando


The Romani Subaltern within Neoliberal European Civil Society: NGOization of Human Rights and Silent Voices
Nidhi Trehan
4. Beyond Boundaries? Comparing the Construction of the Political Categories ‘Gypsies’ and ‘Roma’ Before and After EU Enlargement