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Vinken, Henk - Civic Engagement in Contemporary Japan, ebook

Civic Engagement in Contemporary Japan

Vinken, Henk


A New Epoch of Immigration for Japan: Directional Shift in Civic Organizational Support for Newcomer Settlement
Tetsuo Mizukami
7. Civic Engagement and Community Development Among Japan’s Burakumin
Yuko Nishimura
8. “I’m Deaf. This is Sign. Get

Levine, David P. - The Capacity for Civic Engagement, ebook

The Capacity for Civic Engagement

Levine, David P.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David P. Levine
2. Civic Engagement
David P. Levine
3. Engagement and Trust
David P. Levine
4. Subjectivity and Mourning
David P. Levine
5. Tolerance
David P. Levine
6. Diversity
David P. Levine
7. Teaching and Learning
David P. Levine

Uldam, Julie - Civic Engagement and Social Media, ebook

Civic Engagement and Social Media

Uldam, Julie


Formal Modes of Civic Engagement and Cooperation with Institutional Actors
2. Online Activism, CSR and Institutional Change
Frank G. A. Bakker
3. Why Some Political Opportunities Succeed and Others Fail: Bridging Organizational

Breed, Ananda - Performance and Civic Engagement, ebook

Performance and Civic Engagement

Breed, Ananda


Performance, Place and Culture for Civic Engagement in Kyrgyzstan
Ananda Breed
15. ‘Mr President, Open the Door Please, I Want to Be Free’: Participatory Walking as Aesthetic Strategy for Transforming a Hostage Space

Lyons, Ann - Higher Education and Civic Engagement, ebook

Higher Education and Civic Engagement

Lyons, Ann


Strategies for Enhancing Sustainability of Civic Engagement: Opportunities, Risks, and Untapped Potential
Josephine A. Boland
5. Universities and Their Communities—Engagement and

Caliendo, Stephen M. - Technology and Civic Engagement in the College Classroom, ebook

Technology and Civic Engagement in the College Classroom

Caliendo, Stephen M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Suzanne M. Chod, William J. Muck
2. Taking College-Level Political Science Courses and Civic Activity
Kenneth W. Moffett, Laurie L. Rice
3. Civic and Political Engagement Outcomes in Online and Face-to-Face Courses
Tanya Buhler Corbin, Allison K. Wisecup
4. Rethinking