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May, Oliver - Industrial Enzyme Applications, ebook

Industrial Enzyme Applications

May, Oliver


This reference is a "must-read": It explains how an effective and economically viable enzymatic process in industry is developed and presents numerous successful examples which underline the efficiency of biocatalysis.

Patel, Ramesh N. - Green Biocatalysis, ebook

Green Biocatalysis

Patel, Ramesh N.


This book describes the enzyme-driven syntheses of industrially important compounds and chiral intermediates for chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  The chapters describe recent technological advances in enzymatic and microbial transformations and are written by internationally renowned scientists

Liu, Hao - Advances in Applied Biotechnology, ebook

Advances in Applied Biotechnology

Liu, Hao


Effects of ATF2 Overexpression with BAT2 Deletion on the Higher Alcohols and Esters in Beer Yeast
Xiaoer Liu, Jia Xu, Li Pi, Cuiying Zhang, Dongguang Xiao
9. Study on a Staphylococcal Tat Signal Peptide Guided EGFP Translocation in E. coli