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Cooper, Cathryn - Change Partners, ebook

Change Partners

Cooper, Cathryn


The changing room at the gym is a great place to show off for macho males like Michael, Jamie and Thomas. After working out, they relax by shooting the breeze. And what else is there to talk about but sex? But do the men tell the truth? Do their exotic…

Savage, Emma - The Bottom Line, ebook

The Bottom Line

Savage, Emma


This authentic volume of short stories from Chimera Books and Emma Savage explores a full range of CP scenarios - spanking, slippering, paddling, belting, tawsing, cropping, caning and birching: they are all here. Whether the punishment is voluntary or involuntary, the scenes in these stories

Phillips, J - My Sweet Degradation, ebook

My Sweet Degradation

Phillips, J


Each tale proudly adheres to the Chimera tradition of offering the most evocative of ‘damsel in distress’ scenarios – exploring the exhilarating theme of domination and submission – yet in everyday, familiar settings: a headmaster’s study, a stable, a hotel

Beaufort, Roxane - Memoirs of a Courtesan, ebook

Memoirs of a Courtesan

Beaufort, Roxane


When beautiful Lucy Browne, orphaned, penniless and fresh from the country, finds herself abandoned in London, she has no idea of the pitfalls. It is during the last quarter of the 18th century, an era of vice and debauchery. She is completely innocent…

Bradbury, B. A. - Obliged to Bend, ebook

Obliged to Bend

Bradbury, B. A.


It is the winter of 1896, and the happiest man in England is surely James Montgomery. Following the death of a distant cousin, the forty-six year old bachelor finds himself owner of a large estate, and guardian to three nubile young women: Cathy, Victoria…

Gabriel, Reese - Possessing Allura, ebook

Possessing Allura

Gabriel, Reese


Princess Allura is spoiled and beautiful. Her guardian, the Grand Duke Fortragian, is powerless to stop her from abusing her hapless slaves and clueless suitors, and only the handsome Baron Montreico is strong enough to tame her. Tricking Allura into…

Benedict, Kate - Puritan Passions, ebook

Puritan Passions

Benedict, Kate


England is under the rule of Oliver Cromwell, and young Lucinda Carstairs, daughter of a Royalist family, is in a state of limbo as her betrothed, James Happington, is in exile in Europe with Charles Stuart. Lucinda unwittingly attracts the eye of their…

Anderssen, Lia - Sweet Submission, ebook

Sweet Submission

Anderssen, Lia


Laura Spender is living in her guardian's substantial mansion. She is beautiful, innocent, and bored. That is until the housekeeper, Cassandra, introduces her to the pleasures and perils of the flesh. Through varying degrees of bondage, corporal punishment…

Anderssen, Lia - Total Abandon, ebook

Total Abandon

Anderssen, Lia


When sexually innocent Danni Bright takes a lift from a stranger, she gets more than she bargained for. Left alone and naked in an hotel bedroom she falls into the hands of gangsters, who use her in all sorts of wicked and erotic ways. Forced to sell…