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JudyBee - Queens of Africa, ebook

Queens of Africa



A new boy has joined Dreamland International and Wuraola, Nneka and Azeezah want to make him welcome. Azeezah’s brother Zafar has been asked to be Leo’s ‘buddy’ for the first week but it isn’t easy. Zafar asks the girls to help him and they…

Zuggo, Violeta - The Little Sparrow and the Chimney Pot, ebook

The Little Sparrow and the Chimney Pot

Zuggo, Violeta


The Little Sparrow and the Chimney Top is the first book in the series of childrens book with NLP by The English Sisters. It is designed to appeal to young children and can be used to suggest that you can always learn from your mistakes. The Little Sparrow in this story makes a serious mistake.

Austin, Rikey - Woodroffe Growls Again, ebook

Woodroffe Growls Again

Austin, Rikey


Alice is not an ordinary girl, because when Alice talks to bears, the bears talk back. An old bear called Woodroffe, long forgotten in the Attic, cheers up Jack when he is poorly, but when the bear loses his growl it looks as though he may be put aside…

JÂHO - What if Hens Were Huge?, ebook

What if Hens Were Huge?



Have you ever wondered what might happen if hens were huge? All the answers are in this book for children.

JudyBee - Danny Strikes Out in America, ebook

Danny Strikes Out in America



Danny is very excited because he is going to America. Danny is a 'Reading Dog'. He goes into schools to help children read. This year he has been invited to spend a few weeks with the Corridor Therapy Dogs in Iowa. He makes lots of new friends; Princess…

JudyBee - Danny Goes to London, ebook

Danny Goes to London



Danny is usually a very quiet and well behaved dog. That's why he is so good as his job. Some dogs work on farms, some help people who can't see and Danny helps children who find it difficult to read. He usually visits schools and libraries but today…

Godolphin, Mary - The Swiss Family Robinson in Words of One Syllable, ebook

The Swiss Family Robinson in Words of One Syllable

Godolphin, Mary


This fantastic story is a version of the well-known children's tale The Swiss Family Robinson where a family from Switzerland is marooned in the East Indies. The tale follows their battle for survival and attempts to return to the outside world. This…

Linder, Gill - The Little Sapling, ebook

The Little Sapling

Linder, Gill


The Little Sapling is born under a stone and has to fight to get out into the sunshine. But something is very wrong, his world is upside-down! Who will rescue him from this upside-down world? Will it be Bindweed, Snake, Rabbit or Mrs Hedgehog, and what…