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Doumouchtsis, Stergios K - Childbirth Trauma, ebook

Childbirth Trauma

Doumouchtsis, Stergios K


Epidemiology of Childbirth Trauma and Associated Pelvic Floor Disorders
Lieschen H. Quiroz, S. Abbas Shobeiri
4. The Effect of Pregnancy on the Pelvic Floor
Cornelia Betschart, Josef Wisser
5. Mode of Delivery and Perineal Trauma
Nivedita Gauthaman,

Selin, Helaine - Childbirth Across Cultures, ebook

Childbirth Across Cultures

Selin, Helaine


Pregnancy and Childbirth in Nepal: Women’s Role and Decision-Making Power
Pratima P. Acharya, Dilu Rimal
13. Pregnancy and Childbirth in Tibet: Knowledge, Perspectives, and Practices
Sienna R. Craig
14. Nyob Nruab

Hunter, Cheryl A. - Understanding Doulas and Childbirth, ebook

Understanding Doulas and Childbirth

Hunter, Cheryl A.


Table of contents
1. Childbirth, Women, and Doulas
Cheryl A. Hunter, Abby Hurst
2. Nurses, Families, and Doulas: An Overview of Different Roles in Childbirth
Cheryl A. Hunter, Abby Hurst
3. Alienation and a Challenge to Authority in Childbirth
Cheryl A. Hunter, Abby Hurst
4. Birthing with Doulas: The

Hundley, Vanora - Midwifery, Childbirth and the Media, ebook

Midwifery, Childbirth and the Media

Hundley, Vanora


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ann Luce, Vanora Hundley, Edwin van Teijlingen
2. Love Birth, Hate One Born Every Minute? Birth Community Discourse Around Televised Childbirth
Julie Roberts, Sara Benedictis, Helen Spiby
3. Birth Stories…

Ismail, Khaled M. K. - Perineal Trauma at Childbirth, ebook

Perineal Trauma at Childbirth

Ismail, Khaled M. K.


Table of contents
1. Perineal Trauma: A Historical and International Perspective
Christine Kettle, Khaled Ismail
2. Anatomy and Physiology of the Pelvic Floor
Renaud Tayrac, Katharina Jundt, Vincent Letouzey, Mélanie Cayrac, Florent Masia,…

Bennett, Shoshana S. - Postpartum Depression For Dummies, ebook

Postpartum Depression For Dummies

Bennett, Shoshana S.


It's a great blessing when a new mom with postpartum depression (PPD) is fortunate enough to be diagnosed early by a knowledgeable medical practitioner or therapist. But without guidance, it isn't always clear where the boundary between normal baby blues…

Doyle, Arthur Conan - Round the Red Lamp, ebook

Round the Red Lamp

Doyle, Arthur Conan


A fantastic collection of 15 somewhat harrowing short medical stories by the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, about childbirth, syphilis, and botched amputations, among others.