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Parris, Sheri R. - Child Maltreatment in Residential Care, ebook

Child Maltreatment in Residential Care

Parris, Sheri R.


Academic Achievement of Romanian Institutionalized Children: A Social–Ecological Approach
Adrian V. Rus, Ecaterina Stativa, Sheri R. Parris, Jacquelyn S. Pennings, Florin Tibu, Reggies Wenyika, Gabriel Burcea
5. The Prevalence of Stunting Among the Romanian

Kelly, Wendy - Understanding Children in Foster Care, ebook

Understanding Children in Foster Care

Kelly, Wendy


Foster Children’s Well-Being and Mental Health
Wendy Kelly
Part II. Attachment and Mind-Mindedness
4. Attachment: The Meeting of Hearts
Wendy Kelly
5. Mind-Mindedness : The Meeting of Minds
Wendy Kelly
Part III. The Relational Learning

Glasper, Edward Alan - Evidence-Based Child Health Care, ebook

Evidence-Based Child Health Care

Glasper, Edward Alan


Evidence-Based Child Health Care Challenges for Practice Description An 'evidence-based' approach to health care is growing in importance, but it is difficult for students and professionals to keep up-to-date

Carroll, John L. - Caring for the Ventilator Dependent Child, ebook

Caring for the Ventilator Dependent Child

Carroll, John L.


Chronic Ventilator Support in Children: Why, Who, and When
Ian MacLusky
2. Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation in Children: An Overview
Brian McGinley
3. Chronic Invasive Mechanical Ventilation
Howard B. Panitch
4. Ethical Considerations in

Kirkpatrick, Ian - Managing Residential Child Care, ebook

Managing Residential Child Care

Kirkpatrick, Ian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Richard Whipp, Ian Kirkpatrick, Martin Kitchener
2. Understanding the External Management of Children’s Homes
Richard Whipp, Ian Kirkpatrick, Martin Kitchener
3. The Study
Richard Whipp, Ian Kirkpatrick, Martin Kitchener
4. Strategy and Implementation

Munoz, Ricardo - Critical Care of Children with Heart Disease, ebook

Critical Care of Children with Heart Disease

Munoz, Ricardo


Triage and Transport of Infants and Children with Cardiac Disease
Bradley A. Kuch, Richard A. Orr
3. Airway Control, Mechanical Ventilation, and Respiratory Care
Shekhar T. Venkataraman
4. Heart–Lung Interactions
Shekhar T. Venkataraman

Smith, Laura - Clinical Practice at the Edge of Care, ebook

Clinical Practice at the Edge of Care

Smith, Laura


Safeguarding Children with Disabilities
Pamela Parker
7. Late Entries into Care
Stella Christofides
8. Working with Trauma
Andrea Shortland
9. Multi-family Group Therapy
Elizabeth Mensah, Heleni-Georgia Andreadi
10. Understanding and