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Hoffmann, Rémy D. - Data Mining in Drug Discovery, ebook

Data Mining in Drug Discovery

Hoffmann, Rémy D.


Written for drug developers rather than computer scientists, this monograph adopts a systematic approach to mining scientific data sources, covering all key steps in rational drug discovery, from compound screening to lead compound selection and personalized

Williams, Graham - Data Mining with Rattle and R, ebook

Data Mining with Rattle and R

Williams, Graham


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Graham Williams
2. Getting Started
Graham Williams
3. Working with Data
Graham Williams
4. Loading Data
Graham Williams
5. Exploring Data
Graham Williams
6. Interactive Graphics

Montanari, Angela - Data Science, ebook

Data Science

Montanari, Angela


Missing Data Imputation and Its Effect on the Accuracy of Classification
Lynette A. Hunt
2. On Coupling Robust Estimation with Regularization for High-Dimensional Data
Jan Kalina, Jaroslav Hlinka
3. Classification Methods in the Research on the Financial

Friedman, Jerome - The Elements of Statistical Learning, ebook

The Elements of Statistical Learning

Friedman, Jerome


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Overview of Supervised Learning
3. Linear Methods for Regression
4. Linear Methods for Classification
5. Basis Expansions and Regularization
6. Kernel Smoothing Methods
7. Model Assessment and…

Cannon, Steve - Petrophysics: A Practical Guide, ebook

Petrophysics: A Practical Guide

Cannon, Steve


Petrophysics is the science of evaluating the rock and fluid properties of oil, gas and water reservoirs through the acquisition of physical samples, electrical, chemical, nuclear and magnetic data acquired by surface logging, downhole coring, and drilling and wireline sondes.  The

Gustafson, J. Perry - Genome Exploitation, ebook

Genome Exploitation

Gustafson, J. Perry


Table of contents
1. Rice Genome Sequencing and Data Mining Resources
Baltazar A. Antonio, Yoshiaki Nagamura, Nobukasu Namiki, Takashi Matsumoto, Takuji Sasaki
2. Application of Evolutionary Computation to Bioinformatics
Daniel Ashlock
3. Architectures for Integration of Data and Applications

Folkers, Gerd - High-Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery, ebook

High-Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery

Folkers, Gerd


Backed by leading authorities, this is a professional guide to successful compound screening in pharmaceutical research and chemical biology, including the chemoinformatic tools needed for correct data evaluation. Chapter authors from leading pharmaceutical companies as well as from Harvard