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Czichos, Horst - Springer Handbook of Metrology and Testing, ebook

Springer Handbook of Metrology and Testing

Czichos, Horst


Chemical and Microstructural Analysis
4. Analytical Chemistry
Willie E. May, Richard R. Cavanagh, Gregory C. Turk, Michael Winchester, John Travis, Melody V. Smith, Paul DeRose, Steven J. Choquette, Gary W. Kramer, John R. Sieber, Robert R. Greenberg, Richard

Silva, Lucas F.M. da - Testing Adhesive Joints, ebook

Testing Adhesive Joints

Silva, Lucas F.M. da


The book focuses on the methodology used for fabricating and testing adhesive and bonded joint specimens. The text covers a wide range of test methods that are used in the field of adhesives, providing vital information for dealing with the range of adhesive properties

Thompson, Clive - Environmental Toxicity Testing, ebook

Environmental Toxicity Testing

Thompson, Clive


Past emphasis has been primarily on analytical approaches to the detection of specific, targeted contaminants, thus allowing chemical characterisation. However, toxicity testing or biological assessment is necessary for ecotoxicological

Voigtman, Edward - Limits of Detection in Chemical Analysis, ebook

Limits of Detection in Chemical Analysis

Voigtman, Edward


Details methods for computing valid limits of detection. Clearly explains analytical detection limit theory, thereby mitigating incorrect detection limit concepts, methodologies and results Extensive use of computer simulations that are freely available…