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Bagnères, Anne-Geneviève - Chemical Ecology, ebook

Chemical Ecology

Bagnères, Anne-Geneviève


The book features comparative perspectives on the field of chemical ecology, present and future, offered by scientists from a wide variety of disciplines. The scientists contributing to this book –biologists, ecologists, biochemists, chemists, biostatisticians – are interested in marine,

Soustelle, Michel - An Introduction to Chemical Kinetics, ebook

An Introduction to Chemical Kinetics

Soustelle, Michel


This book is a progressive presentation of kinetics of the chemical reactions. It provides complete coverage of the domain of chemical kinetics, which is necessary for the various future users in the fields of Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Materials

Bender, Herbert F. - Hazardous Chemicals, ebook

Hazardous Chemicals

Bender, Herbert F.


This practice-oriented guide covers the handling and use of hazardous chemicals at the workplace, including labelling and storage, transportation, occupational safety and proper registration with the European authorities. Current European Union legislation and directives are cited throughout

Pollak, Peter - Fine Chemicals: The Industry and the Business, ebook

Fine Chemicals: The Industry and the Business

Pollak, Peter


This book is a comprehensive reference on one of the most exciting and challenging segments of the modern chemical industry, and a practical guide for developing and succeeding in the multibillion fine chemicals business. The