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Gong, Shaogang - Person Re-Identification, ebook

Person Re-Identification

Gong, Shaogang


The Re-identification Challenge
Shaogang Gong, Marco Cristani, Chen Change Loy, Timothy M. Hospedales
Part I. Features and Representations
2. Discriminative Image Descriptors for Person Re-identification
Bingpeng Ma, Yu Su, Frédéric Jurie

Tuominen, Kari - Management of Change, ebook

Management of Change

Tuominen, Kari


Management of change has become one of the most crucial competitive weapons. Well planned and rapidly implemented changes in:products, marketing, productionand perhapsthe entire business processare tactics which can SET YOU APART FROM THE COMPETITION. Time

Tuominen, Kari - Achieving Results through Managing Change, ebook

Achieving Results through Managing Change

Tuominen, Kari


The objective of this book will be to tell you, using some examples and partly based on my own experiences: What kind of internal change processes are taking place in some Finnish companies and what factors should be taken into consideration in order to achieve success in these processes. Although

Berger, André - Climate Change, ebook

Climate Change

Berger, André


A Spatial View on Temperature Change and Variability During the Last Deglaciation: A Model Analysis
Didier M. Roche, Hans Renssen, Didier Paillard
7. Perspectives of Parameter and State Estimation in Paleoclimatology
André Paul, Martin Losch
8. A Brief

 - Climate Change and Crops, ebook

Climate Change and Crops


Climate Change, Climate Variability and Indian Agriculture: Impacts Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategies
Shakeel A. Khan, Sanjeev Kumar, M.Z. Hussain, N. Kalra
4. Simulation Studies to Characterize the Impact of Climate Change