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Clark, Dan - Microsoft Big Data Solutions, ebook

Microsoft Big Data Solutions

Clark, Dan


Tap the power of Big Data with Microsoft technologies
Big Data is here, and Microsoft's new Big Data platform is a valuable tool to help your company get the very most out

Hurwitz, Judith - Big Data For Dummies, ebook

Big Data For Dummies

Hurwitz, Judith


Find the right big data solution for your business or organization
Big data management is one of the major challenges facing business, industry, and not-for-profit organizations. Data

Pal, Sumit - SQL on Big Data, ebook

SQL on Big Data

Pal, Sumit


SQL-on-Big-Data Challenges & Solutions
Sumit Pal
3. Batch SQL—Architecture
Sumit Pal
4. Interactive SQL—Architecture
Sumit Pal
5. SQL for Streaming, Semi-Structured,

Aggarwal, V. B. - Big Data Analytics, ebook

Big Data Analytics

Aggarwal, V. B.


Need for Developing Intelligent Interfaces for Big Data Analytics in the Microfinance Industry
Purav Parikh, Pragya Singh
2. Unified Resource Descriptor over KAAS Framework
Subhajit Bhattacharya
3. An Adaptable