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Lambert, Olivier - Cetacean Paleobiology, ebook

Cetacean Paleobiology

Lambert, Olivier


Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) have fascinated and bewildered humans throughout history. Their mammalian affinities have been long recognized, but exactly which group of terrestrial mammals they descend from has, until recently, remained in the dark. Recent decades have produced

Yamagiwa, Juichi - Primates and Cetaceans, ebook

Primates and Cetaceans

Yamagiwa, Juichi


Observing and Quantifying Cetacean Behavior in the Wild: Current Problems, Limitations, and Future Directions
Janet Mann, Bernd Würsig
18. Social Network Analysis: Applications to Primate and Cetacean Societies
Margaret A. Stanton, Janet Mann
19. Social

Witzany, Guenther - Biocommunication of Animals, ebook

Biocommunication of Animals

Witzany, Guenther


Table of contents
1. Why Biocommunication of Animals?
Guenther Witzany
2. Signs of Communication in Chimpanzees
Mary Lee A. Jensvold, Lisa Wilding, Savannah M. Schulze
3. African and Asian Elephant Vocal Communication: A Cross-Species Comparison
Angela S. Stoeger, Shermin Silva
4. The Information Content

Au, Whitlow W. L. - Listening in the Ocean, ebook

Listening in the Ocean

Au, Whitlow W. L.


Long-Term Monitoring of Cetaceans Using Autonomous Acoustic Recording Packages
Sean M. Wiggins, John A. Hildebrand
4. From Shrimp to Whales: Biological Applications of Passive Acoustic Monitoring on a Remote Pacific Coral Reef
Marc O. Lammers, Lisa M.

Finkl, Charles W. - Diversity in Coastal Marine Sciences, ebook

Diversity in Coastal Marine Sciences

Finkl, Charles W.


Assessment of Cetacean Population Abundance at the Romanian Black Sea Coast in 2013
George Ţiganov, Cristian-Sorin Danilov, Magda Ioana Nenciu, Eugen Anton, Aurel Năstase
28. The Black Sea Dolphin Nephron Studied by Romanian Nobel Laureate George Emil Palade

Popper, Arthur N. - The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life, ebook

The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life

Popper, Arthur N.


Reverse Engineering the Cetacean Ear to Extract Audiograms
Aleks Zosuls, Seth O. Newburg, Darlene R. Ketten, David C. Mountain
14. Validation of a Vibroacoustic Finite Element Model Using Bottlenose Dolphin Experiments
Petr Krysl, Vanessa Trijoulet, Ted