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Celletti, Alessandra - Celestial Mechanics, ebook

Celestial Mechanics

Celletti, Alessandra


Table of contents
1. Around and around
2. Three bodies and no solution
3. Celestial waltz
4. Cosmic spinning tops
5. Our chaotic Solar System
6. Singularities, collisions and threatening bodies
7. Of Moon and man
8. Rock around the planets
9. Lords of the rings
10. At the edge of the Solar System

Olson, Donald W. - Celestial Sleuth, ebook

Celestial Sleuth

Olson, Donald W.


Table of contents
Part I. Astronomy in Art
1. Monet and Turner, Masters of Sea and Sky
Donald W. Olson
2. Vincent van Gogh and Starry Skies Over France
Donald W. Olson
3. Edvard Munch: Mysterious Skies in Norway
Donald W. Olson

Matkins, Ann - Celestial Ambulance, ebook

Celestial Ambulance

Matkins, Ann


Ben’s in for a few surprises, not least that he has survived his death and is feeling perfectly fine. Then he expected to continue his career as a paramedic on rescue missions and finds that his ambulance also has a definite mind of her own. This wonderful…

Mark, Hans - Adventures in Celestial Mechanics, ebook

Adventures in Celestial Mechanics

Mark, Hans


Adventures in Celestial Mechanics offers students an enjoyable way to become acquainted with the basic principles involved in the motions of natural and human-made bodies in space. Packed with examples in which these principles are applied to everything from a falling

Bertolotti, Mario - Celestial Messengers, ebook

Celestial Messengers

Bertolotti, Mario


Table of contents
1. Cosmic Rays: Prologue
Mario Bertolotti
2. The Discovery: Victor F. Hess and the Balloon Ascents
Mario Bertolotti
3. The Confirmation: Millikan and the “Birth Cry” of Created Atoms
Mario Bertolotti

Olson, Donald W. - Further Adventures of the Celestial Sleuth, ebook

Further Adventures of the Celestial Sleuth

Olson, Donald W.


Table of contents
Part I. Astronomy in Art
1. Monet in London, J. M. W. Turner, and Ford Madox Brown
Donald W. Olson
2. Monet in Étretat, Édouard Manet, and Vincent van Gogh
Donald W. Olson
3. Caspar David Friedrich, Canaletto,…

Reddy, Francis - Celestial Delights, ebook

Celestial Delights

Reddy, Francis


Table of contents
1. The Meaning of the Sky
Francis Reddy
2. Moon Dance
Francis Reddy
3. Morning Stars, Evening Stars: Venus and Mercury
Francis Reddy
4. Eclipses of the Sun and Moon
Francis Reddy
5. Mars: The Red Wanderer

Hayden, Judy A. - Literature in the Age of Celestial Discovery, ebook

Literature in the Age of Celestial Discovery

Hayden, Judy A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: “Faln Systemes” and “Dead Chimæras”
Judy A. Hayden
2. Heliocentrism, Plurality of Worlds and Ethics: Anton Francesco Doni and Giordano Bruno
Pietro Daniel Omodeo
3. Early Modern Space Travel…