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Trigilio, John - Catholic Mass For Dummies, ebook

Catholic Mass For Dummies

Trigilio, John


Catholic Mass For Dummies gives you a step-by-step overview of the Catholic Mass, as well as a close look at the history and meaning of the Mass as a central form of Catholic worship. You'll find information on the order of

Stapleton, John H. - Explanation of Catholic Morals, ebook

Explanation of Catholic Morals

Stapleton, John H.


A fascinating look at the traditional Catholic view on various different moral subjects, such as the seven deadly sins, prayer and devotion, blasphemy and cursing, education, homicide and suicide, and many others.

Morris, Andrew B. - Catholic Schools in a Plural Society: Data and Analysis, ebook

Catholic Schools in a Plural Society: Data and Analysis

Morris, Andrew B.


This book comprises a selection of articles published, mainly, in peer reviewed academic journals, supplemented by a smaller number of essays and documents prepared for policy makers within the Catholic educational sector. The chosen texts have been re-printed almost entirely as originally

Whittle, Sean - Researching Catholic Education, ebook

Researching Catholic Education

Whittle, Sean


The Field of Catholic Education Studies: Mapping Out the Terrain
2. New Thinking, New Scholarship and New Research in Catholic Education Some Perspectives on This Field of Study
Gerald Grace
3. Diversity and Differentiation

Grace, Gerald - International Handbook of Catholic Education, ebook

International Handbook of Catholic Education

Grace, Gerald


No Margin, No Mission: Challenges for Catholic Urban Schools in the USA
Joseph O’Keefe, Aubrey Scheopner
3. Challenges to Faith Formation in Contemporary Catholic Schooling in the Usa: Problem and Response

Villis, Tom - British Catholics and Fascism, ebook

British Catholics and Fascism

Villis, Tom


Campbell, Dawson, Burns and Wall: Catholic Writers and the Crisis of Liberalism
Tom Villis
7. The Catholic Literary Right
Tom Villis
8. Literary Catholicism and Fascism in Wales
Tom Villis
9. Catholic Anti-Fascism
Tom Villis
10. Conclusion

Leung, Beatrice K.F. - The Catholic Church in Taiwan, ebook

The Catholic Church in Taiwan

Leung, Beatrice K.F.


Indigenization Efforts of the Catholic Church in Taiwan
Marcus J. J. Wang
3. The Internal Development of the Taiwan Catholic Church: 1950s–1960s
Michael Chuan-sheng Chang
4. The Taiwan Catholic

Doležal, Tomáš - The European Union and the Catholic Church, ebook

The European Union and the Catholic Church

Doležal, Tomáš


Relations between the EU and the Catholic Church: An Overview
2. The Study of Religion and European Integration: The State of the Art
Petr Kratochvíl, Tomáš Doležal
3. Catholicism and European Integration: A Historical Overview
Petr Kratochvíl,