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Macdonald, Fiona - Charles Dickens, A Very Peculiar History, ebook

Charles Dickens, A Very Peculiar History

Macdonald, Fiona


Taking a unique look at one of the most acclaimed and best-loved English writers of the nineteenth century, 'Charles Dickens, A Very Peculiar History' asks why, what, where, how and who the Dickens was Charles Dickens? Why did he keep a pet raven that pecked at his children's shins? Why did he have a tunnel built under the road

Thorburn, Jeff - Celebrities' Favourite Books, ebook

Celebrities' Favourite Books

Thorburn, Jeff


Containing around 100 letters from well-known people nominating their all-time favourite reads and explaining their choice, this book is designed both to stimulate an interest in reading novels and also to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. With a fitting foreword

Hamilton, Angus - In Abor Jungles, ebook

In Abor Jungles

Hamilton, Angus


The 1911 Abor Expedition under Major-General Hamilton Bower was carried out to punish the perpetrators of a massacre of a British colonial official, a doctor and their coolies in March that year. After some fighting and burning of villages, the murderers were caught,

Tutt, Cedric - Small Animal Dentistry: A Manual of Techniques, ebook

Small Animal Dentistry: A Manual of Techniques

Tutt, Cedric


Now the interest in this area has increased and dentistry has become an important part of everyday veterinary practice. Designed to be a 'how-to-do' book, this practical manual guides the reader through all the routine dentistry procedures carried