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Carpenter, Susan - Why Japan Can’t Reform, ebook

Why Japan Can’t Reform

Carpenter, Susan


Interpersonal Networks in the ‘Ruling Triad’
Susan Carpenter
Part II. Inside the System
6. The Elite Bureaucracy: Prisoners of the System
Susan Carpenter
7. The Interviews
Susan Carpenter

Carpenter, Susan - Japan Inc. on the Brink, ebook

Japan Inc. on the Brink

Carpenter, Susan


The Skill at Disguising
Susan Carpenter
14. The Price of Pork-Barrel Patronage: Beggars Can’t be Choosers
Susan Carpenter
15. Still Bubbling
Susan Carpenter
16. Conclusion:

Carpenter, Susan - Japan’s Nuclear Crisis, ebook

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

Carpenter, Susan


The DNA of Japan’s Post-war Political System: Ultra-conservative to the Core
Susan Carpenter
7. Pork-Barrel Patronage in the Prefectures: the Proliferation of Nuclear Power Plants
Susan Carpenter
8. Japan’s

Carpenter, Tom - Microsoft Windows Operating System Essentials, ebook

Microsoft Windows Operating System Essentials

Carpenter, Tom


A full-color guide to key Windows 7 administration concepts and topics
Windows 7 is the leading desktop software, yet it can be a difficult concept to grasp, especially for those new to the field of IT. Microsoft Windows Operating System Essentials…