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Gupta, Tapan - Carbon, ebook


Gupta, Tapan


Historical Production and Use of Carbon Materials: The Activated Carbon
Tapan Gupta
3. Carbon Composites and Related Metal Matrix
Tapan Gupta
4. Polymer Families and Their Extended Activities
Tapan Gupta
5. Coal, the Black Carbon

Ervine, Kate - Carbon, ebook


Ervine, Kate


Carbon is the political challenge of our time. While critical to supporting life on Earth, too much carbon threatens to destroy life as we know it, with rising sea levels, crippling droughts, and catastrophic floods sounding the alarm on a future now

Serp, Philippe - Carbon Materials for Catalysis, ebook

Carbon Materials for Catalysis

Serp, Philippe


It covers the preparation and characterization of carbon supports and carbon-supported catalysts; carbon surface chemistry in catalysis; the description of catalytic, photo-catalytic, or electro-catalytic reactions, including the

Goel, Malti - Carbon Utilization, ebook

Carbon Utilization

Goel, Malti


Adoption and Introduction of Supercritical Technology in the Power Sector and Consequential Effects in Operation, Efficiency and Carbon Dioxide Emission in the Present Context
V. S. Verma
3. Low Carbon Technologies (LCT)

Tiwari, Ashutosh - Advanced Carbon Materials and Technology, ebook

Advanced Carbon Materials and Technology

Tiwari, Ashutosh


The expansion of carbon materials is multidisciplinary and is related to physics, chemistry, biology, applied sciences and engineering. The research on carbon materials has mostly focused on aspects of fundamental physics as they unique electrical, thermal

Alkire, Richard C. - Electrochemistry of Carbon Electrodes, ebook

Electrochemistry of Carbon Electrodes

Alkire, Richard C.


The book sets the standard on carbon materials for electrode design. For the first time, the leading experts in this field summarize the preparation techniques and specific characteristics together with established and potential applications of the different types of carbon-based