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Captain Courageous

Captain Courageous

Kipling, Rudyard


Captains Courageous is an 1897 novel, by Rudyard Kipling, that follows the adventures of fifteen year old Harvey Cheyne Jr., the arrogant and spoiled son of a railroad tycoon. The novel originally appeared as a serialization in McClure's, beginning with the November 1896 edition.

Pushkin, Aleksandr - The Captain's Daughter, ebook

The Captain's Daughter

Pushkin, Aleksandr


The only novel Pushkin ever wrote, "The Captain's Daughter" is a story written in the same vein as Walter Scott's historical romances. Though his attempts at prose were not that warmly welcomed by the Russian audience as his poetic endeavours, the novel is a masterful and successful experiment

Twain, Mark - Captain Stormfield’s Visit To Heaven, ebook

Captain Stormfield’s Visit To Heaven

Twain, Mark


Captain Stormfield’s Visit To Heaven is a short story by Mark Twain, one of the most funny and beloved American authors of all time. Known for his novels like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Twain’s short stories are full of wit and charm.