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Lade, Poul V. - Triaxial Testing of Soils, ebook

Triaxial Testing of Soils

Lade, Poul V.


Triaxial Testing of Soils explains how to carry out triaxial tests to demonstrate the effects of soil behaviour on engineering designs. An authoritative and comprehensive manual, it reflects current best practice and instrumentation.References are made throughout to easily accessible articles

Maynard, Andrew D. - Nanotechnology and Occupational Health, ebook

Nanotechnology and Occupational Health

Maynard, Andrew D.


A comparison of two nano-sized particle air filtration tests in the diameter range of 10 to 400 nanometers
Daniel A. Japuntich, Luke M. Franklin, David Y. Pui, Thomas H. Kuehn, Seong Chan Kim, Andrew S. Viner
11. Modeling of filtration efficiency of nanoparticles

Zehnder, Alan T. - Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Volume 4, ebook

Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Volume 4

Zehnder, Alan T.


Effect of Specimen Holder on Static and Fatigue Tests on Titanium/Cement Interfaces
S. Riahinezhad, Y. Li, M. Khandaker
2. Mechanical Behavior and Aluminization of Cu21Zn6Al Alloys
H. H. Li, Q. Z. Li
3. Numerical Analysis of Stress/Strain Fluctuations