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Fiordelisi, Franco - Shareholder Value in Banking, ebook

Shareholder Value in Banking

Fiordelisi, Franco


Why Study Shareholder Value Creation in European Banking?
Franco Fiordelisi, Philip Molyneux
2. Economic Objectives of Banks
Franco Fiordelisi, Philip Molyneux
3. Shareholder Value: a Literature Review

Jodlbauer, Herbert - Modelling Value, ebook

Modelling Value

Jodlbauer, Herbert


Competition, Collaboration, and Creating Value in the Value Chain
David Walters
2. The Role of Decoupling Points in Value Chain Management
Jan Olhager
3. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Experiential Learning for

Walters, David - Operations Strategy, ebook

Operations Strategy

Walters, David


Operations Strategy A Value Chain Approach This text is designed to be appropriate for Operations Strategy modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It combines knowledge management, relationship management and advances in technology to inform the development of strategic advantage.

Liyanage, Jayantha P - Value Networks in Manufacturing, ebook

Value Networks in Manufacturing

Liyanage, Jayantha P


Business Modelling for Sustainable Manufacturing Value Networks
6. Business Models and Business Modelling: State of the Art
Padmakshi Rana, Samuel W. Short, Steve Evans, Maria Holgado Granados
7. Sustainable Business

Abramowicz, Witold - Business Information Systems, ebook

Business Information Systems

Abramowicz, Witold


From Economic Drivers to B2B Process Models: A Mapping from REA to UMM
Rainer Schuster, Thomas Motal, Christian Huemer, Hannes Werthner
12. Using Surveys to Evaluate a Business Rules Based Development Approach