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Grundy, Tony - Gurus on Business Strategy, ebook

Gurus on Business Strategy

Grundy, Tony


A one-stop guide to the world's most important writers on business strategy Here is a one-stop guide to the world's most important thinkers and writers on business strategy.

Raghunath, S. - International Business Strategy, ebook

International Business Strategy

Raghunath, S.


International Business in the Context of Emerging Markets
S. Raghunath, Elizabeth L. Rose
Part I. International Strategy in the Emerging-Market Context: The Big Picture
2. Taking Stock of the Principal–Principal Agency

Gil-Pechuán, Ignacio - Strategies in E-Business, ebook

Strategies in E-Business

Gil-Pechuán, Ignacio


Analyzing a Successful Incubator Business Model: The Case of Barcelona Activa
Geovanny Perdomo, Claudia Alvarez, David Urbano
5. Website Effectiveness for Tourism Accommodation Companies
Carlos Devece, Rafael Lapiedra, Daniel Palacios
6. Gender in the

Gögl, Hans-Joachim - Big Strategies for Small Business, ebook

Big Strategies for Small Business

Gögl, Hans-Joachim


Table of contents
1. The Trades of the Future: Starting Off with an Interview
Hans-Joachim Gögl, Andreas Balon
2. Werkraum Bregenzerwald: Not Just a Matter of Form
Claudia Schwartz, Rupert Steiner
3. Tectonet: 400 Soloists or 1 Orchestra

Alayoğlu, Nihat - Global Business Strategies in Crisis, ebook

Global Business Strategies in Crisis

Alayoğlu, Nihat


Building Organizational Insight: Strategy and Organization
Francesca Vicentini, Federica Brunetta, Francesca Capo
5. Strategies Out of Global Recession in Emerging Markets: An Application for 2008 Global Crisis
Serhat Yüksel
6. Alternative Strategies