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Kourdi, Tim - Strategies and Techniques for Doing Business in China, ebook

Strategies and Techniques for Doing Business in China

Kourdi, Tim


China presents one of the greatest commercial opportunities for any business. The main challenge faced by companies is finding a method of doing business in China that is successful and profitable. Many companies have tried different approaches,some

Gil-Pechuán, Ignacio - Strategies in E-Business, ebook

Strategies in E-Business

Gil-Pechuán, Ignacio


Analyzing a Successful Incubator Business Model: The Case of Barcelona Activa
Geovanny Perdomo, Claudia Alvarez, David Urbano
5. Website Effectiveness for Tourism Accommodation Companies
Carlos Devece, Rafael Lapiedra, Daniel Palacios
6. Gender in the

Gögl, Hans-Joachim - Big Strategies for Small Business, ebook

Big Strategies for Small Business

Gögl, Hans-Joachim


Table of contents
1. The Trades of the Future: Starting Off with an Interview
Hans-Joachim Gögl, Andreas Balon
2. Werkraum Bregenzerwald: Not Just a Matter of Form
Claudia Schwartz, Rupert Steiner
3. Tectonet: 400 Soloists or 1 Orchestra

Backman, Michael - Big in Asia -25 strategies for business success, ebook

Big in Asia -25 strategies for business success

Backman, Michael


By focusing on the main difficulties faced by companies it provides a series of strategies for business success and show how to avoid failure in Asia. This is an essential guide for companies who wish to make it big in Asia. Contents: Part

Alayoğlu, Nihat - Global Business Strategies in Crisis, ebook

Global Business Strategies in Crisis

Alayoğlu, Nihat


Alternative Strategies for Global Operations of Organizations
Mehmet Eryılmaz
Part II. Designing Competitive Strategies, Leadership and Culture During Recession
7. Building Competitive Strategies

Orsato, Renato J. - Sustainability Strategies, ebook

Sustainability Strategies

Orsato, Renato J.


Table of contents
Part I. Fundamentals
1. When Does it Pay to be Green?
Renato J. Orsato
2. What are Sustainability Strategies?
Renato J. Orsato
Part II. Competitive Environmentalism
3. Eco-Efficiency
Renato J. Orsato
4. Beyond Compliance Leadership
Renato J. Orsato
5. Eco-Branding