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Collis, Jill - Business research, ebook

Business research

Collis, Jill


Business Research provides a clear and practical guide for undergraduate research methods courses and individual research projects at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. The second edition retains the strong conceptual underpinning and practical orientation that has proved so popular

Mellahi, Kamel - Ethical Business, ebook

Ethical Business

Mellahi, Kamel


Ethical Business Challenges and Controversies The Ethical Business will provide an up to date coverage of key issues and perspectives in business ethics from a critical perspective. After providing an overview

Hindy, Steve - Beer School: Bottling Success at the Brooklyn Brewery, ebook

Beer School: Bottling Success at the Brooklyn Brewery

Hindy, Steve


Beer School explains how they did it: their mistakes as well as their triumphs. Steve writes with a journalist's skepticism-as though he has forgotten that he is reporting on himself. Tom is even less forgiving-he's a banker, after all. The inside story reads at times