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Han, Shengnan - Prioritising Business Processes, ebook

Prioritising Business Processes

Han, Shengnan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jens Ohlsson, Shengnan Han
2. Knowledge Base
Jens Ohlsson, Shengnan Han
3. The Prioritisation and Categorisation Method—PCM
Jens Ohlsson, Shengnan Han
4. Evaluation of the PCM
Jens Ohlsson,…

Menne-Haritz, Angelika - Business Processes, ebook

Business Processes

Menne-Haritz, Angelika


Functional Requirements of Open Communication Processes in Electronic Environments

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Schönthaler, Frank - Business Processes for Business Communities, ebook

Business Processes for Business Communities

Schönthaler, Frank


Practical Introduction to Business Process Engineering
Frank Schönthaler, Gottfried Vossen, Andreas Oberweis, Thomas Karle
3. Concepts and Modeling Languages
Frank Schönthaler, Gottfried Vossen, Andreas Oberweis, Thomas Karle
4. The Horus Method

Jacod, Jean - Discretization of Processes, ebook

Discretization of Processes

Jacod, Jean


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jean Jacod, Philip Protter
2. Some Prerequisites
Jean Jacod, Philip Protter
3. Laws of Large Numbers: The Basic Results
Jean Jacod, Philip Protter
4. Central Limit Theorems: Technical Tools

Ricciardi, Francesca - Innovation Processes in Business Networks, ebook

Innovation Processes in Business Networks

Ricciardi, Francesca


Sustainable Altruism for Business Networking: The Costs of Fairness and Cooperation
Francesca Ricciardi
4. Ecology of Innovation in Organizational Settings
Francesca Ricciardi
5. Motivations for Business Networking
Francesca Ricciardi
6. Innovational

Gillert, Frank - RFID for the Optimization of Business Processes, ebook

RFID for the Optimization of Business Processes

Gillert, Frank


RFID, complemented by other Auto-ID technologies such as Barcode, NFC and sensor technology, can unlock huge benefits for enterprises and users, creating successful businesses with the combination of technology and processes. It is important to have

Devolder, Pierre - Basic Stochastic Processes, ebook

Basic Stochastic Processes

Devolder, Pierre


This book presents basic stochastic processes, stochastic calculus including Lévy processes on one hand, and Markov and Semi Markov models on the other. From the financial point of view, essential concepts such as the Black and Scholes

Boucherie, Richard J. - Markov Decision Processes in Practice, ebook

Markov Decision Processes in Practice

Boucherie, Richard J.


Markov Decision Processes for Screening and Treatment of Chronic Diseases
Lauren N. Steimle, Brian T. Denton
7. Stratified Breast Cancer Follow-Up Using a Partially Observable MDP
J. W. M. Otten, A. Witteveen, I. M. H. Vliegen, S. Siesling, J. B. Timmer,

Florescu, Ionut - Probability and Stochastic Processes, ebook

Probability and Stochastic Processes

Florescu, Ionut


A comprehensive and accessible presentation of probability and stochastic processes with emphasis on key theoretical concepts and real-world applications
With a sophisticated approach, Probability and Stochastic Processes successfully balances theory