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Hanna, Nagy K. - Enabling Enterprise Transformation, ebook

Enabling Enterprise Transformation

Hanna, Nagy K.


Transforming Enterprises: Innovation, Networking and Diffusion
Nagy K. Hanna
5. Transforming Business Environment
Nagy K. Hanna
6. ICT Services Industry for an Innovation Economy
Nagy K. Hanna
7. Developing the ICT Industry Ecosystem

Müller, Jürgen - Governance of Communication Networks, ebook

Governance of Communication Networks

Müller, Jürgen


Regulation: Making Networked Systems Function
2. Rewriting U.S. Telecommunications Law with an Eye on Europe
James B. Speta
3. A Quadratic Method for Evaluating the New Hungarian Act on Electronic Communications with Respect to the Policy and Regulatory

Nelson, Matthew L. - Value Creation in E-Business Management, ebook

Value Creation in E-Business Management

Nelson, Matthew L.


Generic Business Model Types for Enterprise Mashup Intermediaries
Volker Hoyer, Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva
2. The Commercial Open Source Business Model
Dirk Riehle
3. IPhone or Kindle: Competition of Electronic Books Sales
Li Chen
4. Business