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Samier, Henri - Intuition, Creativity, Innovation, ebook

Intuition, Creativity, Innovation

Samier, Henri


This book explores the scientific perspective on the concept of intuition, particularly in relation to vibration, music and emotion. Taking a multimedia approach, it contains practical exercises that will help the reader to achieve greater intuition

Fenkart, Peter Simon - Chefsache Intuition, ebook

Chefsache Intuition

Fenkart, Peter Simon


Table of contents
1. Willkommen im unentdeckten Land!
Peter Simon Fenkart
2. Der Intuition auf der Spur
Peter Simon Fenkart
3. Parade der Paradigmen
Peter Simon Fenkart
4. Emotion als Fundament der Intuition
Peter Simon Fenkart
5. Intuitive Kompetenz
Peter Simon Fenkart
6. Intuition

Chhajed, Dilip - Building Intuition, ebook

Building Intuition

Chhajed, Dilip


Table of contents
1. Sequencing: The Shortest Processing Time Rule
Kenneth R. Baker, Dartmouth College
2. The Knapsack Problem
John J. Bartholdi
3. Flexibility Principles
Stephen C. Graves
4. Single Server Queueing Models

Barsoux, Jean-Louis - Insead, ebook


Barsoux, Jean-Louis


Insead From Intuition to Institution Reviews '...a clear chronology that details the origins, early stumblings, and eventual flowering of a fascinating organization.' - Enterprise and Society 'This book provides an exciting reflection on the history of an institution whose history has

Holtfort, Thomas - Intuition als effektive Ressource moderner Organisationen, ebook

Intuition als effektive Ressource moderner Organisationen

Holtfort, Thomas


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Thomas Holtfort
2. Organisationale Begrifflichkeiten und Organisationstheorien
Thomas Holtfort
3. Intuition: Relevanz des Unbewussten
Thomas Holtfort
4. Entwicklung eines intuitionsorientierten Organisationsansatzes
Thomas Holtfort
5. Fazit und Ausblick

McKerron, Rupert - How to Have  A Big Life : Sharing Simple Secrets of Success, ebook

How to Have A Big Life : Sharing Simple Secrets of Success

McKerron, Rupert


Are you following your dreams and passions? Are you doing what others only dream about? Has work become fun and fun become work? Do you have a purpose in life?
If so, you are living your Big Life! If not, this book will put you on the right path.
How to have a Big Life is a short, clear and cleverly illustrated book

Segal, Steven - Business Feel, ebook

Business Feel

Segal, Steven


Table of contents
1. In the Cracks of Conventions
Steven Segal
2. Philosophical Experiences
Steven Segal
3. Managers and Leaders: The Unnamed Philosophers
Steven Segal
4. Unmasking Management Theoreticians
Steven Segal
5. From a Science to a Philosophy of Management
Steven Segal