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Ibeh, Kevin - Growth Frontiers in International Business, ebook

Growth Frontiers in International Business

Ibeh, Kevin


Introduction: Towards Advancing the Growth of International Businesses and the Global Economy
Kevin Ibeh, Paz Estrella Tolentino, Odile E. M. Janne, Xiaming Liu
Part I. Policy Frontiers
2. Instigating Start-Up Industries

Kox, Henk - Business Services in European Economic Growth, ebook

Business Services in European Economic Growth

Kox, Henk


Business Services and Economic Growth
2. The Growth of European Business Services
Luis Rubalcaba, Henk Kox
3. Business Services and Their Users: A Literature Review
Ian Miles
4. Productivity in Business Services

Back, Andrea - Knowledge Networks for Business Growth, ebook

Knowledge Networks for Business Growth

Back, Andrea


Supporting Growth through Innovation Networks in Unilever
Maria Rumyantseva, Ellen Enkel, Anita Pos
5. A Methodology for Adapting Knowledge Networks - Managerial Guidelines
Ellen Enkel, Grzegorz Gurgul, Maria Rumyantseva
6. Integrated Performance Measurement