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Kohne, Andreas - Business Development, ebook

Business Development

Kohne, Andreas


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Andreas Kohne
2. Business Development
Andreas Kohne
3. Portfolio
Andreas Kohne
4. Ressourcen
Andreas Kohne
5. Zielmarkt
Andreas Kohne
6. Marktbearbeitungsstrategie
Andreas Kohne
7. Fallstudie
Andreas Kohne
8. In sechs Schritten zum Business

Kennedy, Anna - Business Development For Dummies, ebook

Business Development For Dummies

Kennedy, Anna


Growing a small business requires more than just sales
Business Development For Dummies helps maximise thegrowth of small- or medium-sized businesses, with a step-by-stepmodel for business development

Mikitani, Hiroshi - Business-Do: The Way to Successful Leadership, ebook

Business-Do: The Way to Successful Leadership

Mikitani, Hiroshi


Discover the myriad ways in which the internet is fundamentally transforming the world Learn from a blend of Japanese discipline and commitment to quality and the Silicon Valley approach to business, where collaboration and agility are essential and lucrative Adopt

Hazzan, Orit - The MERge Model for Business Development, ebook

The MERge Model for Business Development

Hazzan, Orit


Table of contents
Part I. Prologue
1. Introduction
Orit Hazzan, Ronit Lis-Hacohen
2. How to Use This Brief
Orit Hazzan, Ronit Lis-Hacohen
3. Management
Orit Hazzan, Ronit Lis-Hacohen
4. Education
Orit Hazzan, Ronit Lis-Hacohen