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Gómez, Jorge Marx - Engineering and Management of Data Centers, ebook

Engineering and Management of Data Centers

Gómez, Jorge Marx


Foundations of Data Center: Key Concepts and Taxonomies
Cathleen Carey, Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Becky White
2. ITSDM: A Methodology for IT Services Design
Manuel Mora, Jorge Marx Gómez, Rory V. O’Connor, Burkard Meyendriesch
3. Using Dashboards to

Vermeulen, Andreas François - Practical Data Science, ebook

Practical Data Science

Vermeulen, Andreas François


Table of contents
1. Data Science Technology Stack
Andreas François Vermeulen
2. Vermeulen-Krennwallner-Hillman-Clark
Andreas François Vermeulen
3. Layered Framework
Andreas François Vermeulen
4. Business Layer
Andreas François Vermeulen
5. Utility Layer
Andreas François Vermeulen

Hurwitz, Judith - Big Data For Dummies, ebook

Big Data For Dummies

Hurwitz, Judith


Find the right big data solution for your business or organization
Big data management is one of the major challenges facing business, industry, and not-for-profit organizations. Data sets such as customer transactions

Clark, Dan - Microsoft Big Data Solutions, ebook

Microsoft Big Data Solutions

Clark, Dan


Tap the power of Big Data with Microsoft technologies
Big Data is here, and Microsoft's new Big Data platform is a valuable tool to help your company get the very most out of it. This timely book shows you how to use HDInsight along with HortonWorks

Abramowicz, Witold - Business Information Systems, ebook

Business Information Systems

Abramowicz, Witold


Organisational Ontology Framework for Semantic Business Process Management
Agata Filipowska, Martin Hepp, Monika Kaczmarek, Ivan Markovic
2. A Process Oriented Assessment of the IT Infrastructure Value: A Proposal of an Ontology Based Approach
Jan vom