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Maximini, Dominik - The Scrum Culture, ebook

The Scrum Culture

Maximini, Dominik


Table of contents
Part I. The Scrum Culture
1. Scrum Culture Definition
Dominik Maximini
Part II. The Theory of Introducing Scrum
2. Different Shapes of Scrum in the Enterprise
Dominik Maximini
3. Different Starting Points
Dominik Maximini
4. Considerations for Scrum Introductions

Freytag, Andreas - Entrepreneurship and Culture, ebook

Entrepreneurship and Culture

Freytag, Andreas


The Entrepreneurial Culture: Guiding Principles of the Self-Employed
Florian Noseleit
4. Culture, Political Institutions and the Regulation of Entry
Rui Baptista
5. Prior Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Innovative