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Crane, Robert A. - The Influence of Business Cultures in Europe, ebook

The Influence of Business Cultures in Europe

Crane, Robert A.


Table of contents
1. Scandinavia: Europe’s Advanced North
Jette Schramm-Nielsen
2. Transformation in Society and Changes in Estonian Management and Business Thinking
Ruth Alas, Tiit Elenurm
3. Management in Germany, the Dynamo of Europe
Arndt Sorge
4. Ukraine: Between Russia and the EU

Trompenaars, Fons - Business Across Cultures, ebook

Business Across Cultures

Trompenaars, Fons


Business Across Cultures is the keystone book in the Culture for Business series. It provides an overview of all subjects tackled in the other books of the series. Its particular

Crane, Robert - Latin American Business Cultures, ebook

Latin American Business Cultures

Crane, Robert


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robert Crane, Carlos Rizowy
2. Regional Organizations, Trade Blocs, and Inter-State Conflicts in Latin America: History and Evolution
Antonio Mitre
3. Argentina
Roque B. Fernández, Katherina Fernández

Muñoz-Seca, Beatriz - When Business Meets Culture, ebook

When Business Meets Culture

Muñoz-Seca, Beatriz


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Business Point of View
Beatriz Muñoz-Seca, Josep Riverola
Part I. Brand
2. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
Francisco Iniesta, Elvira Marco
3. Marketing the Arts
Francisco Iniesta, Elvira Marco
Part II. Focus
4. Museo Nacional del Prado
Elvira Marco,

McInnes, Will - Culture Shock: A Handbook For 21st Century Business, ebook

Culture Shock: A Handbook For 21st Century Business

McInnes, Will


Inspiring and comprehensive, Culture Shock is aspirational future thinking with its feet firmly on the ground’
Jemima Kiss, Digital Media correspondent,The Guardian
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Kumar, Rajesh - Doing Business in India, ebook

Doing Business in India

Kumar, Rajesh


Table of contents
1. India: A Commercial History Perspective
Rajesh Kumar, Anand Kumar Sethi
2. The Rise of India: India and the West—Institutional Contrasts
Rajesh Kumar, Anand Kumar Sethi
3. A Brief History of the Indian Software…