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 - Innovation: Essentials from Leader to Leader, ebook

Innovation: Essentials from Leader to Leader


Innovation is necessary for creating a bright, competitive future. In this collection, you’ll find important insights on innovation drawn from the pages of the award-winning publication Leader to Leader. Written by some of the country’s top

Morabito, Vincenzo - Business Innovation Through Blockchain, ebook

Business Innovation Through Blockchain

Morabito, Vincenzo


Table of contents
Part I. Blockchain Technology and Management
1. The Blockchain Paradigm Change Structure
Vincenzo Morabito
2. Blockchain Value System
Vincenzo Morabito
3. Blockchain Governance
Vincenzo Morabito
4. The Security of Blockchain Systems
Vincenzo Morabito
Part II. Bitcoin Phenomenon

Eckert, Roland - Business Innovation Management, ebook

Business Innovation Management

Eckert, Roland


Business Model Management und Business Model Innovation im Hyperwettbewerb
Roland Eckert
9. Business Innovation Management und Business Innovation Factory
Roland Eckert

Schmieder, Joe - Innovation in the Family Business, ebook

Innovation in the Family Business

Schmieder, Joe


The Family Business Difference: Capitalizing on Family Innovation
Joe Schmieder
2. Structured Chaos: Creating a Culture of Innovation
Joe Schmieder
3. New Products and Services: Driving Value with Innovative Offerings
Joe Schmieder
4. Money