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Cannon, Fiona - The Agility Mindset, ebook

The Agility Mindset

Cannon, Fiona


Table of contents
1. From Flexibility to Agility
Fiona Cannon
2. Understanding the Economic Benefits of an Agile Workforce
Fiona Cannon
3. Agility in Context
Fiona Cannon
4. Assessing Agile Value
Fiona Cannon
5. Talent
Fiona Cannon
6. Understanding and Overcoming Obstacles

Rose, Doug - Enterprise Agility For Dummies, ebook

Enterprise Agility For Dummies

Rose, Doug


In Enterprise Agility For Dummies, you'll discover how to successfully choose and implement the right framework based on your organization's own unique culture.
Organizational culture is one of the most overlooked challenges when trying to make a change to enterprise