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Rigby, Ken - Bullying Interventions in Schools: Six Basic Approaches, ebook

Bullying Interventions in Schools: Six Basic Approaches

Rigby, Ken


Outlines the existing methods used to address bullying in school, describing when and how each method can be best applied.Addresses the six major methods of bullying intervention Critically explores the rationale, strengths, and limitations of each intervention

Elamé, Esoh - Discriminatory Bullying, ebook

Discriminatory Bullying

Elamé, Esoh


Discriminatory Bullying: A Theoretical Framework
1. Bullying: Characterisation and the State of International Research
Esoh Elamé
2. Discriminatory Bullying
Esoh Elamé
3. Intercultural Education and Discriminatory Bullying
Esoh Elamé

Agatston, Patricia W. - Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age, ebook

Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age

Agatston, Patricia W.


Cyber bullying has become more prevalent through the use of e-mail, instant messages, chat rooms, and other digital messaging systems. It brings with it unique challenges. Cyber Bullying provides the most current and essential information on the nature

DeOrnellas, Kathy - Bullying in School, ebook

Bullying in School

DeOrnellas, Kathy


Table of contents
1. An Overview of School Bullying
Lisa H. Rosen, Shannon R. Scott, Kathy DeOrnellas
2. Students’ Perspectives on Bullying
Scott W. Ross, Emily M. Lund, Christian Sabey, Cade Charlton
3. Teachers’ Perspectives on…

Oade, Aryanne - Managing Workplace Bullying, ebook

Managing Workplace Bullying

Oade, Aryanne


What is Workplace Bullying?: The Behaviors and Dynamics that Constitute Workplace Bullying
Aryanne Oade
2. Why People Bully Their Colleagues: The Psychological Profile of a Workplace Bully
Aryanne Oade
3. Sowing The Seeds for Bullying:

Crochick, José Leon - Bullying, Prejudice and School Performance, ebook

Bullying, Prejudice and School Performance

Crochick, José Leon


Table of contents
1. Two Forms of School Violence: Bullying and Prejudice
José Leon Crochick, Nicole Crochick
2. Objectives and Research Method
José Leon Crochick, Nicole Crochick
3. Analysis and Discussion of the Survey Data
José Leon Crochick, Nicole Crochick
4. Proposals for Addressing School

Bax, Trent - Bullying and Violence in South Korea, ebook

Bullying and Violence in South Korea

Bax, Trent


The Fire: Bullying and Violence by Adults at Work
Trent Bax
5. The Explosion: Political and Personal Reactions to School Violence
Trent Bax
6. The Aftermath-Damage: Developmental Trajectory of Perpetrators of School Violence
Trent Bax