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Forshaw, Barry - British Crime Film, ebook

British Crime Film

Forshaw, Barry


Corporate Crime: Curtains for the Maverick
Barry Forshaw
13. Mockney Menace: The New Wave
Barry Forshaw
14. The Age of Acquisition: New Crime
Barry Forshaw
15. Twenty-First-Century Hybrids
Barry Forshaw

Courtney, Dave - The British Crime and Prison Quiz Book, ebook

The British Crime and Prison Quiz Book

Courtney, Dave


Will you be held at gunpoint and find yourself reaching for the panic button or will you be laughing all the way to the bank as you try to answer this quiz book’s 450 testing questions cunningly prepared by former London gangster and nowadays best-selling celebrity author and film-maker Dave Courtney and ex-prison officer

Farrall, Stephen - Re-Examining The Crime Drop, ebook

Re-Examining The Crime Drop

Farrall, Stephen


Explaining the Crime Drop I: Developing a Case Study of Political Change in England and Wales
Stephen Farrall
4. Explaining the Crime Drop II: Responding to Crime in England and Wales

Gregoriou, Christiana - Deviance in Contemporary Crime Fiction, ebook

Deviance in Contemporary Crime Fiction

Gregoriou, Christiana


Contemporary Crime Fiction: Constraints and Development
Christiana Gregoriou
3. Linguistic Deviance: The Stylistics of Criminal Justification
Christiana Gregoriou
4. Social Deviance in Contemporary Crime Fiction
Christiana Gregoriou
5. Generic

Peach, Linden - Masquerade, Crime and Fiction, ebook

Masquerade, Crime and Fiction

Peach, Linden


Table of contents
1. Mocking Modernity
Linden Peach
2. Gender and Performance in the Criminal Masquerade
Linden Peach
3. The Cadaver as Criminalised Text
Linden Peach
4. Where Does That Criminality Come From? Writing Women and…

Hopkins, Lisa - Shakespearean Allusion in Crime Fiction, ebook

Shakespearean Allusion in Crime Fiction

Hopkins, Lisa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lisa Hopkins
2. Wild Justice: Mercy, Revenge and the Detective
Lisa Hopkins
3. Who Owns the Wood? Appropriating A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Lisa Hopkins
4. Border Patrol: Shakespearean…