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Souto-Otero, Manuel - Evaluating European Education Policy-Making, ebook

Evaluating European Education Policy-Making

Souto-Otero, Manuel


Breaking Down the Learning Silos: What Role for Employers and the Private Sector in Education and Learning?
Jacob Dencik
4. The Increasing Need for Private Actors in Policy-Making at the European Commission
Cynthia M. H. Villalba
5. ‘All in’? Patterns

Koczwara, Bogda - Cancer and Chronic Conditions, ebook

Cancer and Chronic Conditions

Koczwara, Bogda


Table of contents
1. What Is Comorbidity?
Diana Sarfati, Jason Gurney
2. How Do We Measure Comorbidity?
Diana Sarfati
3. Cancer, Chronic Conditions and Social Disadvantage—The Perfect Storm
Janelle V. Levesque, Afaf Girgis, Paul R. Ward
4. Impact of Comorbidity on Cancer Screening and Diagnosis

Romero, Andrea J. - Youth-Community Partnerships for Adolescent Alcohol Prevention, ebook

Youth-Community Partnerships for Adolescent Alcohol Prevention

Romero, Andrea J.


Table of contents
1. Youth-Community Partnerships for Adolescent Alcohol Prevention: “We Can’t Do It Alone”
Andrea Romero
2. Community Readiness Stages of Change to Achieve Community Transformational Resilience
Andrea Romero, Payal Anand, Josefina Ahumada, Sofia Blue, Gloria Hamelitz-Lopez, Michele Orduña,