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Aaker, David A. - Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant, ebook

Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant

Aaker, David A.


Branding guru Aaker shows how to eliminate the competition and become the lead brand in your market
This ground-breaking book defines the concept of brand relevance using dozens of case studies-Prius, Whole Foods, Westin, iPad and more-and explains

Misof, Günther - Innovatives Brand Management, ebook

Innovatives Brand Management

Misof, Günther


The Brand – Vom Zeichnen zum Asset
Günther Misof, Michael Schwarz
3. Brand Management – Der Schlüssel zu einer erfolgreichen Markenführung
Günther Misof, Michael Schwarz
4. Future – Tendenzen Und Perspektiven Der Marke Und Ihres Managements

Chiaravalle, Bill - Branding For Dummies, ebook

Branding For Dummies

Chiaravalle, Bill


Discover how brands are created, managed, differentiated, leveraged, and licensed
Whether your business is large or small, global or local, this new edition of Branding For Dummies gives you the nuts and bolts